Mark Making Experimentation

Last week, I headed up to Malton to 2ShedStudios to spend a couple of days with my sister and to have a couple of days of experimentation with mark making. She is a surface pattern designer, specialising in print and so I had the opportunity of playing with her printing press and having a go at screen printing. I had decided to do this, not only because she is the best hostess ever and can rustle up a fantastic cake or two as well as being an inspirational teacher, but also because I felt that I needed to break out of my comfort zone and to do something new.

The first day was spent learning how to do block printing and then how to make relief prints and impressions. I liked the way that these could be layered up and collaged and enjoyed the versatility of using the press both with and without ink. This technique is something that I would like to use in future concept work but haven’t figured out (yet) how to bring this to the loom.

The second day was spent learning about screen printing. Although I could see that this was essential in terms of pattern making and surface design, it didn’t offer up much for me and my interest in 3D design.

Day 3 was a morning’s drawing followed by a trip to Dane’s Dyke at Flamborough, which has the most amazing, huge white pebbles on the beach and to Bempton to enjoy the cliffs and bird sanctuary.

I am hoping that this short break in my routine will bring about some interesting changes to my woven work this year.