I am interested in the way that film depicts complex spatial, emotional and physical conditions. I began to dissect and analyse film to instigate pieces of weaving. This is a way of generating work that I find exciting. I produced several samples based on deconstructing Tati’s ‘Playtime’.

Some are constructed using Theo Moorman’s inlay technique, some in double cloth, others by mixing metal with yarn.





Another early project looked at the qualities of skin and the textures and contours that could be found under the microscope. This translated into woven pieces that are furrowed and pleated. Conceptually, this project is similar to the previous one in that it translates visual information in one manifestation into woven representation.

Although I was pleased with the resultant work, it doesn’t connect with my aim to produce weaving that is derived from a narrative.

Birch Bark

Every project begins with a concept. My first weaving took silver birch bark as its inspiration and began with a number of drawings. These then developed into woven samples; testing a range of materials in both the warp and weft and also looked at various weave structures to try to suggest the texture of the bark.